Festive Fun from Little Creature

Christmas graphics…

OK, so it may feel a touch early for snow, reindeers and wrapping paper, but if your company is planning a spot of seasonal fun then there’s no time like the present and there’s no place like whimsy-specialists Little Creature!

Whether you want to charm potential clients, thank existing staff or simply seduce the next-door neighbour, raising a festive chuckle is a great way to make everyone feel better about all the terrible things you or your company do for a living.

Maybe you need a short, catchy video, a custom illustration of your team or a simple animated gif that sits on your twitter feed? We’ve got buckets of ideas and a small crew of eager creatives with freshly-sharpened colouring pencils and snazzy christmas socks. One of them actually has some mistletoe in their pants, but that’s another story.

Below are a small selection of the graphics and animated trinkets we’ve produced over the years, including a suite of ecards for the charity Card Aid, interactive graphics for Islington Council and an online advent calendar for The Prince’s Trust, with an animated gem for each day leading up to the big event. So, if you want to make a splash this Christmas but have left your ideas hat and drawing snorkel in the changing room then give us a shout: contact us here or call 07786 160605




heath advent

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