About what we do and why

Little Creature is a creative studio dedicated to the production of visually-rich content to teach, advertise or simply raise a mild titter.

Experienced in developing content from concept to completion, we’re comfortable working at every level of production from initial ideas, copyediting & storyboarding, right through to the final design, editing & delivery. Headed by animator, illustrator and full-time thought merchant Chris Day, when the need arises Little Creature can call upon the talents of a handful of talented animators, illustrators, editors, scriptwriters, designers, photographers, voiceover artists and even bespectacled code-jockeys. As such, we’re comfortable producing animated ads (online and broadcast), explainer videos, internal comms (digital and print), infographics, live-drawing and event promotions.

We love making information more engaging, memorable and fun. At our heart, we’re passionate about pictures, ideas and above all storytelling.

Our clients vary from blue chips to small fry. Vast, corporate behemoths such as Amazon, Visa, BBC, McKinsey, HSBC and Santander sit alongside the worthy Universities of Bath, Sussex and Newcastle. We have also worked for a number of award-winning elearning companies, such as Learn Interactive, RIO Learn and Insitu Digital, along with various local companies and start-ups; Curo, Film Bath and Spilsbury Illustration to name just a few. As indisputable proof, here are a few of their logos (well, the ones that go well together…)

We work in a wide variety of styles and formats, from clean and simple infographics to filthy, hand-drawn sketches; promotional brochures and popup banners to broadcast-ready, HD video. We’ve been hard at work at this sort of thing for well over 20 years (you think we’d be sick of it…) and as such there are plenty more projects and styles to share if you have a particular approach in mind.

If you’re intrigued, bewildered or just plain lonely then why ever not click here to get in touch…