The Sparkies

The annual Sparkies Awards highlight the best and most promising tech and innovation businesses in the South West.

For the 2016 event, held in Bristol, the organisers were after a character design for some fresh branding and a spot of robot behaviour. We tried pitching a lightbulb, a talking fax machine even, but they wanted the robot. So, they got a robot, and it was ruthlessly exploited for life size cut-outs, masks, a projection, the award itself and countless printed promotionals. There was even a special Sparkies coin minted in purest plastic. Post-Brexit it’s actually a more reliable currency than the Bristol pound…

All in all, it’s exactly what Little Creature is all about – fun, friendly people who want something memorable and playful that they can shout about… and all for the greater good! (“The Greater Good…”)

* Stop (word)Press!… click here to check out the frenzied robo-antics of the SPARKies 2017 *