Over the past few years Little Creature has been lucky enough to collaborate with Simon Spilsbury – unsettlingly talented illustrator and creative behemoth. Here’s a choice selection of animations we’ve worked on together…

First up is a bubbly, bow-tied and very British animation created for online shopping portal Beyond Bespoke. We worked together on the concept, script and storyboard before creating numerous, animated walk cycles from Spilsbury’s character-tastic illustrations. An orgy of homemade sound effects were heartily complemented by the delicious narration of Test Match Special legend Henry ‘Blowers’ Blofeld.


Another recent collaboration was for ad agency Health Unlimited – A promo video explaining their unique approach that required us to depict the history of humanity from cave to iPhone. Here is an excerpt:


Finally, ‘budding’ entrepreneur and purveyor of mail-order chrysanthemums, Freddie Garland commissioned a number of animated inserts to add some whimsy to the Freddie’s Flowers launch video:

To check out more of Spilsbury’s work, visit studiospilsbury.com