Showreel 2023

It’s been a busy couple of years at Little Creature, with projects for clients including Amazon, Sothebys, Visa, the UN, John Lewis/Waitrose and the University of Bath, to name a few. All original artwork, created bespoke for each project, and a mix of illustration, animation, motion graphics and video overlays. The only real way to make sense of it all is to stitch together some highlights, set it to a cracking tune and pour in some good old analogue video glitches.

So take a peek, and if all these graphical fun and games manage to whet your proverbial whistle then whyever not give us a shout!

Clients featured (in order): Amazon, University of Sussex, WIN, Learn Interactive, Beer Hawk, Newcastle University, Sothebys, Spilsbury Illustration, University of Bath, Air Products, the UN, John Lewis/Waitrose, JD Sports.

Dates: Oct 2020 – Jan 2023
Animation and Design: Chris Day, Sigh Jones (Sotheby’s), Luke Maitland (Air Products)
Illustration – Chris Day, Simon Splisbury

Music – The very excellent “Default”, by Django Django