You might call it scribing, live-doodling or just plain old sketch-ercising, either way drawing is a great way to capture not just the content of an event or company gathering but also the atmosphere, asides and other moments that might otherwise be lost amongst all the organised chaos.

Whether beavering away all day at the INSPIRE workshops 2015 (see video below) and 2017, or prowling the conference tables of Curo‘s 3rd birthday bash, our cartoon illustrations, speaker caricatures and quick, visual gags really add to the atmosphere of the day whilst giving the client something to hang on the wall afterwards. All images can be scanned, edited and comped together ready to be printed or used for website and social media surrounding the event.

Recently we’ve also been busy creating a couple of internal company presentations in the scribing style and a company history graphic for the walls of local business Epoch Wealth Management.

There are lots of different ways to capitalise on the value of our pens (not to mention our pencils…). If you’re curious to find out how scribing can work for you and your business, why ever not give us a shout…


Above: At the annual company meeting of Eduserv (a local tech company) there were precisely 2 hours available to draw as much as humanely possible. Above is the image after comping and pruning in photoshop (click to view more closely).


Above: The final layout from Curo’s 3rd birthday bash

Below: A framed print of Stephen Fear’s illustrated talk – a great way to say thanks!…

Below: A few highlights from Inspire 2015



Below: Highlights from Inspire 2017 click here to see more

Below: Images from ENGAGEMENT 2017

Above: A company story commission for Epoch Wealth Management


Above:  Dr Genevieve Lively’s talk from the DEFRA Net-Zero Carbon Futures workshop