Bath Digital Festival

After creating a striking image of a vast Jane Austen robot rampaging through regency streets for the inaugural Bath Digital Festival in 2012, we were asked by digital agency Storm to revamp the image in 2013. The robot came to appear at the heart of every event in poster, brochure, street banner and projection form. We even created a life-sized cut-out robot for anyone with world-dominating ambitions to pose with.

In 2014 the robot played a vital role in advertising the growing festival, appearing on the brochure, website and even starting its own twitter feed! Pesky robots… This time we collaborated with the good people at Agency UK, tweaking the design to fit the ‘Good vs Bad Digital’ theme with a striking brochure (great spot-UV printing from Ripe Digital…) and more life-size cutouts with endless posing potential.



Chris Day's splendid design for the Bath Digital Festival, they really used it.



And the original 2012 design with its vintage, pulp poster feel…

bdf poster final