National Trust

Working together with Bath agency Steers McGillan Eves we’ve produced a number of Flash banner ads over the past year or so  for the National Trust, most recently to promote their ’50 things to do…’ campaign. Working from their original designs we bring the graphics into Flash, animate wherever possible and compress the living daylights out of each image in order to squeeze under the 40 or 50k size limits.

We’ve also teamed up with SME to animate various ‘Historic Royal Palaces’ destinations such as the Tower of London, Hampton Court and Greenwich Observatory. Beyond Flash, we’ve produced several banner ads in Html 5 – a growing requirement for national campaigns.

NT_MPU_01  NT_MPU_02  NT_MPU_03

NT_Masthead_01  NT_Masthead_03

NT_Masthead_02  NT_Masthead_04