We were approached by McKinsey earlier this year to produce a short video to act as the curtain raiser for a major new internal comms course. Branding (colours, fonts) and an outline script were in place, so we chipped in our usual two cents on the words, and then a further 15p sterling on the visuals – a bold, infographic style with animated stickmen (not to mention stick women). In particular, they were after a sense of drama and gathering pace in the video and with no voiceover so all text had to appear on screen.


MCK_grab1 MCK_grab2MCK_grab5MCK_grab6


Below: A page from the storyboard produced for the animation – clear signposting, animator’s notes and shot explanations makes it easier for clients to feed into the creative process and share sign-off amongst their team.



We were also commissioned to produce a number of short sequences for other internal courses covering topics such as management of a global team, diversity, communication skills and using the company intranet to upload video comments. These included simple infographic-style instructional sequences and animations layered over a green-screen talking head video, which we built in After Effects.